Hey Y’all!

It’s been so long since I post something DECENT here in wordpress.

But let’s make sure we have the same idea now.

I own 2 blogs. The first is my main one, the one I’ve updated almost weekly and is called reality-imaginator.blogspot.com
I upload stuffs like my stories, ideas, random thoughts, and also reviews there.

The Header in the original blog


So here’s the deal, I also own this blog. One I’d like to call Reality Imaginator : Extras & BTS!

So basically the posts here are deeply connected to the one in Reality Imaginator. I’m providing BTS and extras about the stories and stuffs. I might even post stuffs like what I was doing when I got the idea or the things that MADE me got the idea which would mean Extras & BTS is like the hardcore stalking of Reality Imaginator. I know it sounds crazy, but so what?

Header in THIS blog

I hope you guys enjoy both blogs. Comment, rate and subscribe and we’ll see which blog is more well-accepted.

Who knows? I might just move to one blog ( either this one or that.)

Peace out!



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