Pawn (English vr. of Pion)

The black pawn, on the far right corner. Go forward sideways to the left, one step.

That’s how he always start his game.

“ Again?” I ask, tired to accept the fact that some things in this world just never change.

He’ll just look at me and give me that stupid, wide grin. I don’t know how I always knew he’s one charismatic bastard. Incredibly arrogant and always thinking he’s the right one. It’s worse because it’s true. He IS always right, and nobody can say the other way around.Just so you know that every time he looks at the face of someone who he rightfully insulted or solved any problems whilst still be annoying at the same time, he’d just smile slyly.

Some people think it’s his way to mumble, ‘Suck it.’

Other people think it’s his way to whisper, ‘You’re nothing in my eyes.’

But I know. I know that it’s his way to shout as loud as possible, ” I win.”

And trust me, Nicholas Fevre, is one guy that undeniably, uncontrollably, absolutely, in love with winning.


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