The World Would be a Better Place… (copied from the original blog :

 If we stop caring.

(no intro.)
(good posts don’t have no intro, y’all.)

Cut to the chase, I’m having another theory.Everytime I think about it, it just gets even better and starts making even more sense.

I call it : 


Again, made by myself. Free to copy as long as you at least tell people it was my theory.

So you’re now all like, ” Whaaatt??? Is she out of her mind??”
And I’ll be all like, ” Dude. Chill, and think about it.”

Let’s face it, we’re living in a one hell of a messed up world. You’re an idiot if you don’t agree on that. I mean sure, there are still humanity and goodness in everyday life, but everyday people are dying for stupid reasons and so far we’re screwing up on planet Earth. We don’t even have a backup plan if this freaking planet blows up suddenly. We’re ill-prepared, we’re stupid, and we are just downright evil in the inside.

The worst thing is that some people DO care, but don’t do shit. Ahaa, now you’re thinking ‘So it’s better to not care but DO shit?’
And that my friend, is very close to what I’m getting at. I’m saying, instead of not caring and doing shit. You actually DO shit by NOT caring! (in a good way.)

Think about it.

Let’s just say global warming. People around the world are wasting papers every single day. Lots of papers are gone just by making a freaking school report. I even saw a guy writing a 25 page essay, and that was just the draft. If it was wrong, he’d have to print ANOTHER set of 25 pages, maybe even more, and maybe not even once. What if professors, and teachers, and bosses, just don’t care if you print out stuffs in used paper? We’d save a BILLION of trees. And what if people just don’t care how well you write stuffs? What if for the final assignment, just explain out loud what you would’ve made a 25 page report on? Saves time and energy, no? And you might even get better candidates for graduates. People who can explain well tend to be a better leader and be more successful.

Next example, racism. Like it or not, we have lots of races and racists are out there. EVERYWHERE. It’s the same thing as being an atheist or believing in God or any religion. Actually, this next example might even include the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, if I’m not mistaken..?? Please don’t hate, I’m gonna explain why I never cared enough to know in a sec) WHAT IF PEOPLE JUST DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOUR PREFERENCES ARE??

” Oh you’re gay? Sure. So what.
” You’re an atheist and I’m a Christian? Who cares, let’s grab a coffee.”
” I don’t really know if you’re a Korean or a Chinese, but I do know that you’re my colleague so let’s just get the job done.
” You’re a woman and you want to drive? Yeah, go ahead, I’m kinda tired anyways.”

You may acknowledge the fact that there are different races, different religions ( or none religions), different gender, even different sexual needs (I really did try to find a nicer word for the last one, but I didn’t want to write sexual in google, or else.. well…). But you don’t have to care, do you? I mean, if they choose those things, it’s their business, not yours.

Maria knows what’s up

So many wars would’ve been avoided.
So many fights would’ve been depleted.
So many good stuffs would’ve been found earlier.
We could’ve even achieved world peace by now if people just don’t care!

Mind, BLOWN.

So far, every problem I thought up could’ve been solved by this theory.
If you have another problem that you think can’t be solved, feel free to comment, or if you have an even better theory, comment too. You can also comment in Reality Imaginator
And please, PLEASE, spread this. World peace, y’all!

Peace out!

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