Neighbor – Travis Garland (Song Stories) –BTS!

Song stories are my ideas of what a story would’ve been made based on a song that I like. So obviously, this isn’t the REAL story or behind the scenes of the song by Travis Garland. Rather, it’s the behind the scenes of what made me write the story the way I wrote it.

Neighbor by Travis Garland is one hell of a sexy single.

I always get a vivid imagery of a girl washing a bright red car wearing hot pants and short tee as Travis sings the
‘Every day I pass. You watering your grass
Or washing your car showing off that ass’

Basically Carmen here is just the hot girl and Seth the guy who wants to bang her.
Originally, I just wanted them to have the secret little affair, with nobody including Steve (Carmen’s boyfriend) wouldn’t know.

I really like the opening as it was exactly how I imagined it. But then Seth became too nice ( I didn’t even intended him to be funny or have any personality at all, how did he end up being such a nice guy..?) and Carmen wasn’t exactly just the ‘hot girl who’s kinda lonely because her boyfriend is gone’. I couldn’t write it the way I had planned it (them having the little affair) and had to change it to them actually being in a relationship in the end because, well… I kinda shipped them halfway through. I think I also changed it to that way because Carmen DID like Seth better the way I wrote it.

Basically I suck writing this piece.

So yeah, I didn’t really like this one.

I did like them hooking up though. That part was like how I imagine the song would be IRL.

Oh well.

Read my Song Story : Neighbor – Travis Garland, here.


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