Can’t See Shit

(Copied from my blogger.)

I can’t see shit without my glasses.

( Back these days I never have the manners to even say hi to you guys as an intro.Oh well, moving on..)

But I’m too lazy to get them. I don’t even remember where I put them. Probably on my nightstand somewhere or something.

As a result, the whole world is blurry to me. Even my laptop screen is blurry. There’s probably gonna be some typo around here somewhere. I have some pretty thick glasses and sometimes I don’t like wearing them. I tried contact lenses but I don’t like it even more. It hurts my eyes and I have to pretty much just poke my finger on my eyes, like dude. My eyes are not facebook friends. It don’t accept no poke wars, yo.

(Sorry for the inside joke)

I don’t really have anything to post.

I’m just typing away to procrastinate.

(Sorry Mom.)

Damn I wanna take a nap.

It’s so weird not wearing the thing I felt weird wearing the first time when I was in 4th grade. I mean i didn’t want to wear it back then. Not the rebel thing, just the ‘I look weird wearing them’ thing. I still wore them anyway back then because I didn’t want to tire my eyes and make it worse. But days and nights of me just playing games and reading books and looking at the magical laptop screen made it worse anyway. I got used wearing it and now I look weird without wearing it.

Once me and my friends went to a pool to swim and my glasses broke. Then we swam. After an hour or two swimming, we went to the mall and walked for a few minutes. A friend of mine said ‘hi’ at the mall and to this day I’m not sure who it really was because I couldn’t see her. Anyways I got picked up not long after and luckily I have a back-up set of glasses at home which I used when my glasses that broke was being fixed.

It’s kind of ironic how much I depend on that little thing. 
It’s kind of ironic how much WE depend on every little thing.

People say it’s the little things that matters, right?
The ‘Are you OK?’ from some random friend or family when you’re feeling down. A small simple smile from a crush in your way to your class. Your favorite music playing on the radio suddenly. You found a random good book in the library or bookstore.

It’s just the little things that matters in life.

Not the promotion. Not the graduation. Not the marriage. Those big days are just ‘days’. It happens once in a lifetime, sure. But then that’s it, isn’t it? Things change. Things goes on. You move on.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore. What was I saying? Oh right.Little things that matters. No, before that. Glasses, I suppose. Meh, this is getting boring. Guess I’ll just see ya around then.

Peace out.


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