You Wanna See Something Awesome?!

(copied from my blogger)


Just kidding, lol.I’m not gonna make this another no intro post.

Yo w’sup everybody? Been a real long time since I actually write something. ( Not really.)
(When was my last post? I don’t remember..)

I’m sorry I’m being the same old indescisive indecsisive     indesisive   indesicisve girl that doesn’t go to the internet to play games because she’d feel guilty to do it a week before finals. Yet I don’t study either because I really want to play games. Dang.

My grades is REALLY going downhill and I’m a tad bit worried my friends. But I felt the need to promote this AWESOME guy’s youtube channel.

You see, he’s a fellow 10th grader in my high school and although we just met today since we’re not classmates, I just know he’s awesome.

Just to give you some context, my school has a sociology subject which one of its assignment was to make a short movie. There is no minimum time limit or anything, and usually the theme is just about criminal activites or bad behaviour in the society. My short film is really simple, just around 5 minutes long. Add a true story and credits roll with a hell lot of behind the scenes/bloopers and I managed to make it into a 10 minute one. It wasn’t too bad, I think. I did the editing with windows movie maker ( well it’s free.. I know it doesn’t do much editing, but I basically suck at trying to find other programs on the internet. And you know I like free stuffs sooooo…)

My story was really simple too, it was about a real case about a gang of girls that would bully other girls because they get jealous of their (the bullied) boyfriend or grades, usually accesories and gadgets too. The whole ordeal was closed when the police captured the defendants (thank God for all those times watching CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, and Law and Order : SVU, now I can use smart words for criminals in english).

But this dude’s story? DUDE. His first project was 3 minutes long and it was awesome as hell. The other one was 15 minutes long and it was even more awesome. It was professional. It was really deep. It had potential. You would not have known it was made by a High Schooler. I was literally shitting bricks and drooling rainbows and God knows what else.

That don’t happen often, so click this link to go to his channel, because if there’s anyway to show my gratitude to him for making such epic videos, then writing a post about it is probably my best shot. 

Peace out!

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