Dump (BTS!)


Just to set things straight, this is not about the dump that takes a few minutes every morning in the bathroom.

Dump is about Blaine who had a girlfriend (Aimee) who cheated on him and immediately dumped him as well. Devastated, he called his good (?) friend James who doesn’t seem to help at all.

I didn’t really know how’d I get the idea for this whole thing. It was originally darker than what it turned out to be. I actually thought it was going to be just Blaine’s point of view, in his head, his insecurities and how he takes things. But I felt the need to add another character just for the heck of it and James showed up.

I basically just pictured them in a measly diner, the western ’90’s one with the jukebox and all. Like this : (Thanks google)

Probably just a little older and not as new.

Now, James is the heartless bastard who never really fell in love. Blaine is just your usual guy regretting the fact his relationship didn’t work. The whole story is very dialogue-heavy. I don’t really like descriptive writing because I suck at it. I like to write conversations. So this is it.

If you ask me, James is a really realistic person and I share his point of view where when things don’t work, the whole ‘don’t regret it didn’t last, smile because it happened’ or shit like that is just total bull. You do get hurt. You do regret. You do wish it would’ve worked out. Stuffs like that don’t really help unless you’re actually over them in the first place.

I also share his insensitive personality. I wish I could just say ‘SUCK IT UP AND MOVE THE HELL ON’ to people who pretty much just complains about their love life to me. I mean, what do you want me to do? I’ve never been in a relationship. I’m a heartless girl. I barely ever cry. You did the wrong thing to approach me to accept a good cheering up. So James is just like that too.

The last twist was just what I like to do. I want my story to have little to big twists. It wasn’t really that big this time. It’s just the fact that when things don’t work out the way you plan it to (even if the outcome is the same) you don’t really like it.

Dump isn’t really that good in my opinion. But hey it passes time.

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