MY THOUGHTS ON : Peter Van Houten of TFIOS

Hey guys! So this time around I’m gonna write in english because the topic is about a novel in english. It has rised to fame not so long ago and has a pretty big fandom. I’m actually a fan of it as well and I made a review of the book on my old blog.

Yep, it’s about The Fault in Our Stars, AGAIN.

I rewatched the movie a couple of weeks ago and by then I realized something that I liked to share. It’s not about the characters we all know and love like Hazel or Augustus. Not even on my favorite character Isaac. It’s about the most annoying jerk in the whole book : Peter van Houten.

I don’t think ANYBODY liked the dude. 

He was disrespectful, mean, insulting and as Hazel herself said : a ‘douchepants’. I think we all had high hopes of him because he was he author of the book ‘ An Imperial Affliction’ that actually brought Hazel and Gus closer to each other. Also you have to admit he’s good with quotes. It was so disappointing for everybody when we realized that he was not the perfect author that grants Hazel’s wishes to know about the ending of the book.

But really, I think his character is WAYYY deeper than that.

In fact, he WAS trying to tell Gus and Hazel something, just not how a normal person would say it. When he asked Lidewij to play Bomfalleralla on the stereo, he might looked pretty nuts. But pay attention to how his face was disappointed when he saw how confused Gus and Hazel is. He thought THEY would get it. In his own way, the song was his answer for them. He said it himself that Gus ‘sounded smarter on paper’ . He thought that finally someone gets how he perceives the world. Which is probably why he went full sarcasm mode afterwards.

My sister’s theory was that he didn’t really give the ending because his daughter died. So the book–which was made for her– ended abruptly as well. He didn’t know the ending because she didn’t get a proper one. He was upset when Hazel asked for one because the one who wanted a real ending the most was himself.

Realize how he was again disappointed when Hazel drove away after the funeral, leaving him there? We know his apology was sincere, but he wants more than just his apology accepted. He wanted to tell the ending even if he didn’t have one. He wanted another chance. He wanted someone who gets the pain. And he didn’t get one.

Peter van Houten may be the worst character in both the book and the movie. But it was because circumstances made him into such man. He’s just lonely old man who just couldn’t get over the fact his daughter died.

Then again. That’s just what I think.

Peace Out!


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