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I usually write my blog posts in Indonesian (my mother tongue) but decided that most people who actually watch Pewdiepie would probably know English better anyways, so here goes. (Don’t kill me for grammar mistakes. And this post is just an opinion in a sea of many).


Okay. So. I have been a fan of Pewdiepie since 2012, some may call it his golden year as he gained 1 million subscribers at that time. I got hooked because I have always wanted to play horror games but don’t have the guts to. A friend of mine introduced me to him and showed him a montage of him getting jumpscared and playing all these funny games and reacting so hilariously I couldn’t breathe.

It got to a point where I watched him secretly when I was supposed to study and I tried to hold my laughter so hard I thought I broke my ribs. Long story short : I’m a bro!

Now I usually don’t comment or write a post about Pewdiepie at all because SO MANY GODDAMN PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET DOES IT FOR ME. And while I’m writing this I’m still contemplating if I should or not. But here’s the deal : I haven’t been watching him for a while now.

After he became the most subscribed youtuber in 2013, all the bros in the world were proud of him. I still am, but at the same time, his videos quickly changed. Nowadays his videos are more rough at the edges, jokes more dark humor-ish, he yells at the screen too much to my liking. I confess I would rather watch the old more quiet Pewdiepie that yells in Swedish when he wants to crap his pants. But hey, I’m not the only one. Don’t get me wrong, I still support him, and I also know from his many videos that he says he is actually more comfortable doing his recent videos rather than the ones I actually like.

(Does that make sense? I hope it does)


So anyway, I only watch 1 or 2 of his new videos but I still subscribe to him. Apparently I’m one of the majority because his views are dropping. He might be the most subscribed, most viewed on youtube, but statistics don’t lie. In any case, he went to LA recently for some show and lots of other stuff. And between the pressure to make vlogs daily, the shows and home-sick, he made this video to say that he’s not gonna vlog anymore for the rest of the trip.

No big deal. I wouldn’t like it if I had to force being happy too, right? Well, youtuber comments section says WRONG.

LOTS OF HATE WENT OUT just because he’s being human and getting worn out. I felt so bad for him, and actually tried to find out more about his trip to LA (because I don’t really watch his videos anymore). It turned out it was really bad. They were supposedly pretty excited to go for this whole trip and make the daily vlogs. But shit hits the fan real quick. Some ‘fans’ actually figured out the house they’re staying at AND WAITED FOR THEM OUTSIDE. Pewdiepie actually talked to the parents of this teenage fans because uh, stalker much?

Then all of them went for a night out and got back, there were presents in front of the front door. THE GATES WERE LOCKED. THE DOORS WERE LOCKED.


He addressed this in a video as well, but this information REALLY weirded me out to the point I felt the need to write this post. Now I’m sure this post might not reach much bros, but I want to say this in general that this kind of obsession is really unhealthy.

I feel that many people forget that youtuber’s life isn’t perfect, and they’re just humans. An act to force any other person to do something they don’t like is a violation to basic human rights in my opinion. Obviously the internet doesn’t care and haters are still gonna be there, but just because someone you like doesn’t do the things you want them to do, you don’t have the right to pressure them into doing it.

AND STAHP WITH THE STALKER THING SERIOUSLY! You can get into jail, it’s illegal and it’s creepy! If you do want to meet them WAIT UNTIL YOU PASS THEM ON THE STREET OR THEY’RE ON TOUR!

With that said, I want to say that I really wish Felix Kjellberg have a happy life because as I see it now I don’t think he’s that happy 😦 I don’t watch his recent videos that much but his most recent one made me really feel for him to the point I can go back to that 2012 me that smile when he smiles and brofisted the screen when he did.


(Stupid, I know. He doesn’t really see me anyway but yeah)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a bro. And I don’t see it will change any time soon.


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