Aku melihatnya di jalan yang panas, kita berpapasan.

“Jen?” panggilku, entah bagaimana bisa mengumpulkan cukup keberanian untuk memanggilnya.

Dia menoleh, mata melebar, “Connor!”

Aku menemukan diriku tersenyum sedikit, dia mengingatku! Dia berhenti, mendekat ke arahku. “Aku tidak menyangka akan melihatmu di sini!”

“Yeah, aku sudah lama tidak ke area sini.. kamu masih sering ke sini?”

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Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo (BTS!)

Original story

Hey guys and welcome back to the BTS offfff

” Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo”

It’s been a very very very long time since I wrote a song story but I found this song the other day and it was really animated so I decided to write a story about it.

You don’t really need to read the story to get the story. It’s very much alike to the story in the song. Basically, Lindsey is the name I came up for the girl who sang the song. She gets up and eats her dinner on her bath tub. (Weird, I know, but love makes you do weird stuffs, right?) Basically she does this daily routine of going to clubs and throwing up and hanging out with her friends. The music video  shows us how she also makes out with pretty much everybody.

The whole story and song was pretty emotionless despite the life-of-the-party actions she does. Until of course, we found out WHY she was doing this (which is also the reff of the song)

It was, as usual, a broken heart. He’s gone, she can’t move on. Since she doesn’t want to mope around the house, she decided to just ‘stay high’ all the time and do these actions so she wouldn’t need to remember him. But in the end, it backfired because she always remember why she does these stuff. It’s just to forget him. Running away never helps, kids.

It’s actually pretty cliche, to me at least :

I gotta stay high all the time
To keep you off my mind (ooh oooh)
Spend my days locked in a haze
tryna to forget you babe
I fall back down.
I gotta stay high all my life.
To forget I’m missing you

You break up, you get sad, you can’t move on.
You just remember the happy memories of your ex and you get devastated because you miss the relationship so bad.
You wind up trying to forget him/her altogether by doing lots of stuff and keeping yourself busy.

Some people do it by being a workaholic. Some people do it by watching film and reading books. Others, like Lindsey/or the girl who sang the song, just simply stays high. Staying high itself means a lot of things. It could be literally the drugs, the alcohol, or just being happy all the time with friends. This becomes your routine, and you do it on ‘autopilot’ (locked in a haze). Either way, it doesn’t help because when your autopilot switches back to manual, the pain’s gonna be worse. (fall back down)

In my story there was a short part where I showed a possible reason why they broke up, which was the ex showing his disapproval to Lindsey always partying. She had done it all the time back when they were together and the habit got worse after they broke up. He was probably one of the nice, nerdy guys who doesn’t go to the club a lot and would rather stay at home and read books.

Wonder how’d they met?

Well, anyways, I don’t really like the outcome of the story. I just really like the song because it’s pretty much how break up works in real life. *not that I know what a heartbreak is* * just saying it sounds really realistic*

Peace out!

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